Rhythmic Rhymes

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Colourful and Recreational Rhyme Books for Tiny-Tots For LKG & UKG

PRACHI Rhythmic Rhymes is a series of two rhyme books which have some new and timeless classic rhymes invoking a sense of joy in the inquisitive young learners. It presents a creative learning process in accordance with the child psychology.

Salient Features of the Series :
Interesting and musical rhymes.
Easy to read text.
Attractive, colourful and meaningful illustrations to help the learners understand the rhymes properly.
Mind-expanding vocabulary and concepts.

Books Title Class P-Book Price e-Book Price  
Rhythmic Rhymes-1
Board: Bangla Board
Pre   90.00 N/A
Rhythmic Rhymes-2
Board: Bangla Board
Pre   90.00 N/A


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