Multiskill English Coursebook LKG to Class VIII

NEW EDGEWAYS MULTISKILL ENGLISH is a Systematically graded series designed meticulously to equip the learners with 21st century skills to communicate in English accurately, fluently and effectively. The primary objective of this series which is National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 Compliant is to make the learning of English interesting and effortless.
With an appealing layout of colourful and creative illustrations, these books stimulate the learners' imagination. This series aims to keep the students naturally motivated so that they can easily imbibe skills like listening, reading, speaking and writing. a

Pre-School Series-English : Pre-writing strokes to enable the beginners to learn the use of thumb and forefinger grasp. Simple-to-complex approach to learn and write with ease. Colourful illustrations to involve the children in the learning process. Creative Activities to learn with fun. Interesting content with meticulously designed Exercises to improve logical, analytical and thinking skills. Ample space for practice.

English Workbook
Based on NCERT Textbooks & Supplementary Reader For Classes I to VIII

PRACHI ENGLISH WORKBOOK Based on the NCERT Textbooks and Supplementary Readers, PRACHI ENGLISH WORKBOOK aims to provide a thorough practice of the chapters given in the book. The variety of exercises with simple an easy-to-understand instructions will augment the creativity of the students in an interesting and interactive manner. In addition to recapitulation of the lesson, vocabulary and grammar questions are focused upon to enhance the linguistic skills. Questions based on values and problem-solving abilities are incorporated to make the student understand the essentials of life and develop a positive attitude.

Prachi English Grammar is a series of eight, meticulously graded and student friendly grammar books for Classes I-VIII, specially designed to simplify the essential grammatical concepts and equip the students to use correct English by honing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Salient Features :

    1. All grammatical concepts are explained using lucid illustrations followed by a variety of practice exercises.
    2. Practice exercises provided are well-graded and large in number including crossword, puzzles, word searches riddles etc.
    3. Tips and Notes to Remember have been highlighted to avoid common erros made by the students.
    4. A Section on Comprehension allows the learners to develop reading skills, inferential abilities and vocabulary.
    5. The Composition section along with structured guidelines would enable the student to use their imagination and organise their thoughts well.

Excellence in English - A Complete & Comprehensive Practice Package
For Classes VI to X

Excellence in English is a collection of worksheets designed for classes 6 to 10 in accordance with National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This resource has been carefully crafted to enhance language learning, foster critical thinking and promote effective communication skills. It covers a wide range of topics, catering to the diverse needs and levels of our young learners.
This material is designed to engage students in meaningful language activities that encompass Reading, Writing, Integrated Grammar and Vocabulary in 4 modules. In conjunction with 'Excellence in English', we present Essential Grammar, a book designed to complement and amplify your grammar learning experience.
This complete resource aligns with the principles of holistic learning, offering exercises that encourage comprehension, creativity and self-expression. The two books work synergistically to guide you from foundational knowledge to advance fluency.

Nurture English for Classes Pre to IV : This series has been written according to the latest syllabus of Bangla Board. Language is the most important medium of expressing thoughts and exchanging ideas. In today's world of globalization, English plays a very vital role as it is used all over the world.

Colourful and Recreational Rhyme Books for Tiny-Tots For LKG & UKG

PRACHI Rhythmic Rhymes is a series of two rhyme books which have some new and timeless classic rhymes invoking a sense of joy in the inquisitive young learners. It presents a creative learning process in accordance with the child psychology.

Salient Features of the Series :
Interesting and musical rhymes.
Easy to read text.
Attractive, colourful and meaningful illustrations to help the learners understand the rhymes properly.
Mind-expanding vocabulary and concepts.

New Edgeways Multiskill English Literature Reader
For Classes III to VIII

Develops the students'interest in literature and motivates them to appreciate poetry fiction and drama, two plays have been included to help the students read and develop critical thinking, express themselves confidently interpret and give personal views. Poems for elocution to appreciate poetry, create a new interest in rhyme and rhythm and improve oral fluency have also been included. Local, global extrapolatory questions and references to the context are framed to improve the study skills of the students.

PRACHI PLUS FOUR Series Special Series for Beginners For LKG & UKG Actual process of learning begins around the age of four for a child. At this tender age, the child is inquisitive and starts recognising as he grows. This is a crucial time when a child starts interacting with the surroundings. Plus Four Series is a unique attempt to the ease out and make the process of learning creative according to the child psychology. Simple text is presented in a colourful manner with the help of attractive illustrations.

Grow with SKILLS Learn and Write Colourful and Recreational Books for Tiny-Tots For LKG & UKG
Prachi Grow With Skills is a series, especially planned and developed for the tiny-tots entering into the world of learning. The books of the series are innovative, imaginative, creative and full of interesting activities. These books have primarily been developed for pre-primary in the series for learning are through hearing, seeing, touching, exploring and experimenting.


    ● Written in concise, lucid and learner-friendly manner
    ● Promises to inculcate and urge to write better
    ● Designed to impart good language skills and great writing expression
    ● Provides appropriate vocabulary for communication
    ● Enhances the learners' creativity
    ● Written according to the latest syllabus and appropriate formats

For Pre-Primer to Class V

Cursive writing helps train the brain to integrate visual information and develop fine motor skills. It involves using the hand muscles in a different way and activates a different part of the brain than regular writing does. Prachi Cursive Writing is a series of eight books that provides stepwise instructions in an easy and fun to learn way. All the basic lines and strokes are introduced in an interesting way with colorful illustrations that capture the interest of young learners. These books are prepared keeping in mind the very first phase of learning when a young one learns to hold a pencil. Each book has a number of worksheets and ample space for practicing the lines, strokes, letters, words and sentences. This basic to complex approach would surely help the learners to improve and reinforce their learning.


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