Pre-School Series-English : Pre-writing strokes to enable the beginners to learn the use of thumb and forefinger grasp. Simple-to-complex approach to learn and write with ease. Colourful illustrations to involve the children in the learning process. Creative Activities to learn with fun. Interesting content with meticulously designed Exercises to improve logical, analytical and thinking skills. Ample space for practice.

English Workbook
Based on NCERT Textbooks & Supplementary Reader For Classes I to VIII

PRACHI ENGLISH WORKBOOK Based on the NCERT Textbooks and Supplementary Readers, PRACHI ENGLISH WORKBOOK aims to provide a thorough practice of the chapters given in the book. The variety of exercises with simple an easy-to-understand instructions will augment the creativity of the students in an interesting and interactive manner. In addition to recapitulation of the lesson, vocabulary and grammar questions are focused upon to enhance the linguistic skills. Questions based on values and problem-solving abilities are incorporated to make the student understand the essentials of life and develop a positive attitude.

Nurture English for Classes Pre to IV : This series has been written according to the latest syllabus of Bangla Board. Language is the most important medium of expressing thoughts and exchanging ideas. In today's world of globalization, English plays a very vital role as it is used all over the world.

Colourful and Recreational Rhyme Books for Tiny-Tots For LKG & UKG

PRACHI Rhythmic Rhymes is a series of two rhyme books which have some new and timeless classic rhymes invoking a sense of joy in the inquisitive young learners. It presents a creative learning process in accordance with the child psychology.

Salient Features of the Series :
Interesting and musical rhymes.
Easy to read text.
Attractive, colourful and meaningful illustrations to help the learners understand the rhymes properly.
Mind-expanding vocabulary and concepts.

PRACHI PLUS FOUR Series Special Series for Beginners For LKG & UKG Actual process of learning begins around the age of four for a child. At this tender age, the child is inquisitive and starts recognising as he grows. This is a crucial time when a child starts interacting with the surroundings. Plus Four Series is a unique attempt to the ease out and make the process of learning creative according to the child psychology. Simple text is presented in a colourful manner with the help of attractive illustrations.

Grow with SKILLS Learn and Write Colourful and Recreational Books for Tiny-Tots For LKG & UKG
Prachi Grow With Skills is a series, especially planned and developed for the tiny-tots entering into the world of learning. The books of the series are innovative, imaginative, creative and full of interesting activities. These books have primarily been developed for pre-primary in the series for learning are through hearing, seeing, touching, exploring and experimenting.


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